Things just got better

So the roommate thats in rehab for meth, yeah he no longer lives under my roof anymore, find your own place to stay!!!!!

To make this a post, since i havent done one in a while

I have recently moved out of my mothers house. And as excited as i was to be on my own and living without any authorities. To live with a best friend and her boyfriend, sound like paradise right? For many times in my life, i have struggled with addiction, and succeeded with flying colors of not falling to a point where i couldnt get back up. My friend is 20 years old and gets stoned off her ass with simply two hits of the pipe. Im talking about weed people. Her boyfriend can smoke up to an 8th in one sitting. He also had an addiction problem. Smokes, pain pills, and the b.i.g meth. He is in rehab for now. But as im sitting here thinking about my first year on my own, i am working two jobs, and havent strayed away from weed in about a year. Im thinking, and thinking, and realize that i couldnt have gotten myself in a worse situation then i am in now. I stay positive, hope for the best, it works. I just dont know how long it will work for. Only time will tell.